Autism2010 – Awares international online autism conference – extended for a final week, until December 5, 2010, due to public demand

Due to popular demand, I have decided to extend Autism2010 – the annual Awares international online autism conference – once again for a final week, until December 5, 2010. You can join in the lively discussions right now. Autism2010 is the sixth international online autism conference to be held within the AWARES conference centre, at

All of the presenters’ papers are available on the site for you to read. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen has called this “the finest online conference on the planet.”

The online conference is run, as every year, by the Editor of Awares, Adam Feinstein, and hosted by Autism Cymru, Wales’ National Charity for Autism. Yet again, an unprecedented list of more than sixty of the world’s top autism authorities have agreed to take part and you have a unique opportunity to put your questions directly to them online in the Discussion forum.

There’s an outstanding line-up of speakers for this year’s conference. They include several prominent people on the autistic spectrum – Donna Williams, Wendy Lawson, Liane Holliday Willey, Jesse Saperstein, Jeffrey Deutsch, Mark Ty-Wharton and Arman Khodaei – as well as leading researchers such as Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor Susan Leekam, Dr Darold Treffert (Darold is the world’s leading expert on autistic savants – in fact he coined the term – and was a chief adviser on the film Rain Man), Dr Connie Kasari and Dr Peter Mundy; top educationalists like Professor Rita Jordan and Professor Gary Mesibov and key world autism advocates such as Merry Barua in India.

You can also, of course, exchange views with other delegates on the wide range of topics which include: Voices from the spectrum, sensory issues, socialisation, screening and diagnosis, lobbying and advocacy, education, behaviour problems, Asperger’s syndrome, brain studies, genetics, immunology, adolescents and adults, psychology, biomedical approaches, related conditions, language issues, legislation and savant syndrome.

Please let anyone else know who might be interested. The Awares international online conference is always a stimulating, entertaining and informative event.

Awares is the pioneering website of Autism Cymru, Wales’s national charity for autism.

Best wishes, Adam Feinstein


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