Autistic Intelligence – new organisation

Can I draw your attention to a new organisation, Autistic Intelligence, launched by Barbara Jacobs, of which I am one of the founding members?

Named after an expression used by Hans Asperger to describe the way people on the autism spectrum think, it is a loosely affiliated group of world-wide experts in aspects of autism acting as a consultancy. Some of us are writers, some are educators, some are therapists, some are researchers, some are campaigners. Many of us are all of those things. And there’s something else that marks us out from those who claim to know about the autism spectrum. It’s that all of us have personal experience. Some are on the spectrum, some are parents of children on the spectrum, some partners, some have autism in the family.

In recent years, we’ve noted the extraordinarily rapid growth of knowledge about, and research into, autism. Yet those who need to share these new and exciting findings may be working from outdated material. Sometimes courses and training are delivered which haven’t kept pace with current thinking. That’s where we can help. We’re, if you like, a think tank. We can offer support, training materials, recorded and live presentations, consultancy, course design and can even arrange a conference for you. We’ve affiliated because we learn from each other and would like to share that learning with you, and for you to pass it on. We work internationally, nationally and locally, informed by and supportive of each other’s ongoing work, fired by our dedication to a global recognition and accommodation of autistic intelligence.

On May 6, 2011, Autistic Intelligence presents its first  international conference on autism at the Grand Hotel in Torquay, UK.  The speakers are:

Professor Tony Attwood, and colleague at the Minds and Hearts autism clinic, Brisbane, Australia, Dr Michelle Garnett. Professor Attwood is the acknowledged world expert in Asperger’s syndrome, who visits the UK only once each year.

Dr Olga Bogdashina, lecturer, author, researcher, Consultant Psychologist and founder of the first day centre for autism in the Ukraine. Now resident in the UK, Olga is an expert in sensory/perceptual processing in autism. She is the mother of a young man with autism.

Dr Wendy Lawson, from Victoria, Australia, is herself on the autism spectrum, and has researched many topics in the autism field. The most recent of these is on single attention in autism and its implications for learning.

This promises to be an exciting and informative event for those on the spectrum, their parents, and all professionals who may come into contact with people on the autism spectrum.


The Devonshire Suite, The Grand Hotel
8.30-9.00 Registration . Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served.
9.00 – 9.15 Welcome. Barbara Jacobs, academic, author and co-ordinator of Autistic Intelligence.
9.15 – 10.15 Wendy Lawson The reality of living and learning for those on the autism spectrum
10.15  – 10.35 Break, with tea, coffee and biscuits
10.35 – 12.05 Tony Attwood and Michelle Garnett Diagnosis, assessment and follow-up procedures at the Hearts and Minds clinic.
12.05 – 1.05 Buffet lunch in the Gainsborough Restaurant
1.05 – 2.35 Olga Bodgsdashina Aspects of sensory/perceptual processing in autism
2.35 – 2.55 Break, with tea, coffee and biscuits
2.55 – 4.25 Tony Attwood and Michelle Garnett Managing emotions and challenging behaviour for those on the autism spectrum
4.30 – 5.00 Panel. The speakers will take questions from delegates.
The conference will end promptly at 5.00, but delegates may wish to visit the bar or terrace overlooking the sea.
Delegates will be able to buy books and may wish to have them signed by the authors.

To find out more about tickets and pricing, please go to

For details of what we can do for your organisation, place of learning, your department, big or small, please email us today.

Autistic Intelligence
call:    07971 471 617


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