Awares site to be re-launched shortly

Autism Cymru’s pioneering bilingual website, Awares, to be

re-launched shortly


Awares – the pioneering bilingual website started up by Autism Cymru, Wales’ national charity, in December 2002 – will be re-launched shortly.  At its 2002 launch, the then Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services, Jane Hutt, called Awares a key building block in the establishment of the unique national autism strategy in Wales.


The new-look Awares, edited by Adam Feinstein – who also runs the highly acclaimed Awares annual international online autism conference and edits Autism Cymru’s international web portal, AutismConnect – will be better than ever. The new structure will allow the administrators more immediate access to, and control over, all aspects of the site, allowing it to be updated at the touch of a button. It will keep users fully informed of the very latest autism research findings, news and views and facilities to provide vital assistance to people with autism, their relatives, hands-on practitioners and medical staff in Wales.


Awares will continue to host monthly on-line seminars where users have the unprecedented opportunity to put their questions directly to top experts from the world of autism.  Previous presenters at these seminars have included Lorna Wing and Donna Williams. A separate discussion forum will allow users to exchange views with each other on a wide range of issues. There will also be blogs by a variety of contributors.


The new site includes an on-line library with video- and audio-clips of presentations by leading world autism authorities, in-depth and up-to-the-moment articles on many issues – such as diagnosis, sensory problems and the latest thinking on Asperger’s syndrome – and a special section on autism and the criminal justice system. There will also be information on training, including details of Deis-Cyfle – a three-day  training package and self-evaluation tool developed jointly by Autism Cymru and the Irish Society with the aim of increasing employability and providing greater opportunities for school leavers with autism spectrum disorder.


There will also be a list of the events being organised by Autism Cymru and a section featuring useful links, including ways of contacting local authorities and schools in Wales.


For more information about this unique and invaluable online resource for Wales, please contact Adam Feinstein at



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