Much news to report

Where do I start since I last posted on this blog?

I have been extremely busy in various areas:

I am currently completing a book on Autism and Employment.  (My previous book, A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers, has now been translated into Spanish and Italian.) I just returned from the Latitude Festival in the UK, where I spoke about autism together with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen.

I am also working on new translations from Pablo Neruda. I have given many presentations on Neruda around the world, including hosting a reading at Kings Place in London with the actress, Julie Christie, and a talk on Neruda and Borges in Buenos Aires.  Other readings include events at the Ciné Lumière and the BFI in London, where I also introduced Pablo Larraín’s new film, Neruda.  Earlier this month, I gave a presentation at the wonderful Ledbury Poetry Festival on the challenges of translating Neruda’s poetry.

Apart from these activities, I am also a film critic and, in particular, a specialist in the life and films of Michael Curtiz, the man who directed Casablanca. I have been introducing Curtiz’s films (and showing clips from his movies) at many festivalsand cinemas.



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