Don’t miss your chance to put questions directly online to Professor Uta Frith on October 25, 2012

Don’t miss the latest in our exciting monthly series of one-day online conferences on

in 2012 run by Autism Cymru – Wales’s National Charity for Autism. We are delighted that the presenter on October 25, 2012 is Professor Uta Frith,one of the world’s leading autism authorities. You will have the unique opportunity to put your questions directly to her on October 25. Please let your friends and colleagues know about this event.

Uta’s paper is online ri

ght now and she herself will be answering your questions all day from 9am (UK time) on October 25.

Uta – who divides her time between University College London and the University of Aarhus in Denmark – has pioneered much of the current research in autism and dyslexia and has written several books on these conditions. Her 2003 book, Autism: Explaining the Enigma, has been translated into many languages. In 1991, her own translation into English of Hans Asperger’s celebrated 1944 paper made waves around the globe. Uta’s research initiated the current representation of a theory of mind deficit in autism. She has also suggested that individuals with autism have “weak central coherence” and are better than typical individuals at processing details but worse at integrating information from many different sources. Throughout her career, she has been developing a neuro-cognitive approach to developmental disorders. In particular, she has investigated specific cognitive processes and their failure in autism and dyslexia. Her aim is to discover the underlying cognitive causes of these disorders and to link them to behavioural symptoms as well as to brain systems. She aims to make this research relevant to the education of people with development disorders and to contribute to a better quality of their everyday life. Uta was made an honorary Dame of the British Empire for services to clinical science in the 2012 Queen’s Birthday Honours.

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to avoid disappointment.

To cover our costs, we are charging an entry fee of just £5 for members of Autism Cymru or £12.00 for non-members. (Membership of Autism Cymru is free at

). Fees are paid when you initially register for this one-day online seminar. Remember that this provides you with the opportunity to raise your questions with many of the world’s leading autism authorities.

For further details about this and all other Awares online autism conferences, please contact myself, Adam Feinstein, at:


We take this opportunity to invite you to become a member of Autism Cymru. Membership is free for individuals.

The benefits of becoming a member include:

· Receive updates/newsletters on the Charity’s activities

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· Information on government policy for ASD in Wales and throughout the UK

· Good practice examples

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Why join Autism Cymru?

Autism Cymru is the indigenous national autism charity for Wales which, in 2001, first created the concept and then encouraged the Welsh Government to establish the world’s first national autism Strategy. We also initiated and led the partnership which brought about the Wales Autism Research Centre in Cardiff University and the UK’s first named professorial chair in autism. Together, these two initiatives alone have brought in over £12 million of new and ring-fenced funding for autism in Wales from government and research bodies over the past few years. Most of this funding of course has gone into Local Authorities and Local Health Boards to establish an infrastructure for autism and to deliver services and into research into autism. For a small Welsh charity we have achieved amazing influence and impact.

Since 2004, the charity has run the Wales Autism International Conference in Cardiff and from 2006 the annual Awares on-line conference for autism. We have provided training to over 550 schools in Wales. As a member of the Celtic Nations Autism Partnership, we work closely with our partners in Scottish Autism, Autism Northern Ireland and the Irish Society for Autism. Our work also takes place on an international stage and with European partners including Autism-Europe. For example our 2009-12 European funded Deis Cyfle project (Opportunities for people with autism in education and employment) reached out to over 5,700 people across Wales and Ireland. We work extensively with the emergency services in Wales, with our Attention Card operated by all four Welsh Police Forces, and further very significant developments across the emergency services will come into place during 2012.

The charity is also the sole national autism charity governed by those living in Wales. Autism Cymru’s Chair is Professor Bill Fraser CBE, Patron Lord Dafydd Wigley and President, Dame Stephanie Shirley. In spite of its massive achievements, the charity has small staffing numbers, no administrative staff and relies upon skilled and experienced trustees and staff to deliver its highly influential and effective programme of activities. All our staff have extensive experience of working directly people with autism and their families.

We therefore now invite you to join the Autism Cymru ‘team’ and be part of this Welsh success story by becoming a member of the charity.


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